Custom geometry, custom two color paint, made in Italy, for $1799 USD the PR21 is the best deal in the game.

The PR21 is a no nonsense tool. Built for week night crits, and weekend centuries, the PR21 begs to be ridden, raced, and complimented. Custom bikes always have held a special place in our hearts. A way for a true enthusiast to stand out, and dial in their preferences. The PR21 brings this custom experience to a reasonable price point.

Dedacciai Scandium

The PR21 is built with premium Dedacciai Scandium, a state of the art tubing, designed for racing and high performances.

Direct Mount Rim Brakes

#savetherimbrake Direct mount rim brakes are perhaps the final evolution of the rim brake before extinction, and we are happy to offer them. The direct mount rim brake offers a superior rim brake performance, while letting you keep and use all of the wheelsets you’ve built and collected since the Armstrong era.

(all this said, we also offer disc brake, cause like, the future is now)

Made in Italy

“If you want to win races, go to France. If you want to learn about bike racing, go to Italy.” -Eddy Merckx. What does this have to do with the PR21 being made in Italy? Everything and nothing. The PR21 is built with the best Italian tubing, by one of the finest Italian artisans. Does this make the frame ride better? Probably.


Our signature race day PR21 setup includes: custom geometry, Dedacciai Scandium tubing, direct mount rim brakes, internal cable routing, BSA BB, and tire clearance up to 28s. Want disc brakes instead, you got it, reach out to us, let’s build the machine of dreams.

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