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Clean AF. Light. Stiff. Affordable.

THE POGGIO PR1 boasts a lightweight yet sturdy and stiff construction. It showcases excellence in modern minimal design elements but, best of all, is still affordable. It’s the perfect blank canvas for YOU to express yourself in your unique way.

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Timeless Elegance.

THE POGGIO 800Ti is the showstopper of THE POGGIO range. Aero-space grade titanium, an ovalized downtube, and a carbon fiber seat tube work together to create a distinctive frame that is hard to take your eyes off.
Just remember, staring at the 800Ti is like staring at the sun, it’s risky! Get a sense of it and then look away! 

Customize the carbon fork with your own distinctive color. 

Free Shipping

Need help putting together a build kit? Use our Concierge service.

Do you want your POGGIO frame to look PAF (Pro As Fuck) like ours? Use our expert Colorist and Build Kit Concierge to help you choose a style that will blend perfectly to your frameset. Our designers have years of experience building bikes that are the envy of the peloton, and oft drooled over on Instagram.


The POGGIO PRI is an extension of you as a cyclist. Does THE POGGIO PR1 speak to you? Will it make your next ride complete? Click below to accept the invitation into THE POGGIO life.