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THE POGGIO is climbing the last hill after a long grueling day in the saddle and the feeling you get when you bridge to a break. THE POGGIO is a cafe stop on a cold day and a spot of shade during peak summer sunshine. THE POGGIO is a lifestyle – filling gaps, a good wheel, a good turn and getting outside everyday.
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Innovative, Affordable Design

Your passion asks you to sacrifice, but we don’t! At THE POGGIO, we craft your frame with only the highest quality materials. We think you’ll agree that our sleek options are straightforward, low-key, artful, inventive, and curated with you in mind.
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THE POGGIO offers two brilliantly elegant road frames.

The ALL CARBON: PR1 is THE essential road frame with flawless aesthetics. The PR1 is a beautiful blank canvas, perfect for injecting your personal style. Built for speed, Its extreme lightweight carbon construction will float to the top of any climb, while staying rigid enough to sprint out of a corner at the local crit.

The Ti + CARBON: 800Ti blends the timeless elegance of sleek titanium with the contemporary performances of carbon fiber. The race inspired geometry makes the 800Ti nimble in a pack, while the titanium provides the lush all day comfort feel of a gran tourismo. 800Ti Starts at $3,000 with a single color fork.

Make them your own by choosing your favorite custom colors. We also offer custom design services at an additional fee. Or, If you need assistance with a build-kit, we are here to help.


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All POGGIO frames are crafted and hand-packaged by skilled craftsmen. Here at THE POGGIO’s design studio, we are proud to offer the leading materials, the highest attention to detail, and a personal expert touch that won’t cost an arm and a (very valuable cycling) leg.

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Have you ever purchased an expensive road bike only to strip it down to the frame and sell off the parts on message boards? Yeah, we have too, and it’s a pain in the ass! Contact us at THE POGGIO and we will work closely with you to create your ideal frame + color combination worthy of any grouppo.

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