EXTREME SPEED, the first two words on the design brief. Every intention of this this frameset is to move it forward as quickly as possible.

The PR35 is our version of a modern high performance road bicycle. Asymmetric chain stays, aero optimized tubing, we beefed this b boy up thic af.  The result? Smooth speed. Kept clean with internal cable routing, and kept sane with a BSA BB. What sets the PR35 apart beyond its fast looks is the availability to customize its geometry. Made in Italy. Starting at $3495

Custom Geometry

Do you need to get long and low to be pro? We got you. The ability to customize the geometry of a modern performing carbon frame is truly unique, and something we are excited to offer.

Modern Performance. Practical Features.

Like much of the cycling industry, we back on the BSA BB. Will that quiet the comment sections? Unlikely! Will it quiet your BB area? Likely! We also offer the PR35 with direct mount rim, and disc brakes.


We didn’t really have another stand out feature to put in this box. Could we make up some BS proprietary acronym? Sure, but we’ll save that for a joke Instagram post no one will understand. We’ll remind you of some of the features that make the PR35 awesome: Made in Italy, Custom Geometry, Fast, BSA BB, available in Direct Mount Rim, and Disc Brakes. Starting at $3295, there isn’t a more attainable custom carbon option on the market today.


Our signature PR35 is a purpose built machine. Made to go fast, corner hard, and float up climbs. The PR35 echoes THE POGGIO’s ethos to its maximum, clean lines, modern performance. If you demand the highest performing machine, with nods to classic greatness, the PR35 if the frameset for you.

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